White photosession for families with older kids 2020-07-14

When the mother of this wonderful family contacted me to give them the white session, I was happy and a little scared, because I had never done it this way to older children. In addition, I photographed their baby girl as a newborn <3 In the end, enthusiasm overcame anxiety, because I said to myself that it would be great to be able to make the white session come true not only for my favorite babies. I am blessed with so many beautiful models, and the preparation with white and neutral clothes, a few curls in long hair, light makeup for mom are a great finish for perfect photos. White sparks, white highlights, white with beautiful light is the eternal note in portraits. quality prints on the wall, or collected in a photo book, and why not both are a wonderful gift for family and home, joy for the eyes and senses, a shared memory of this very moment together.