Workshop for Photographers

Workshop for Photographers

This workshop is for photographers who have fallen in love with the authentic and timeless style of newborn photography. Photographers who believe their clients deserve the best quality.

Gain confidence in offering a beautiful photo gallery where the focus is on the unique qualities of the baby and family you are shooting.

Watch my workflow and find out how to efficiently create a complete gallery (25 images) with as little disturbance as possible for the baby, using the "TRUE" posing flow.

Develop the ability to "see" the light and identify how to correct common lighting errors.

Learn my authentic newborn shooting style, posing, pulse lighting and processing. Learn how to safely and consistently position babies to create beautiful, simple, spectacular portraits.

The training is individual and consists of two modules. They are held in my studio in two days.

The first module is practical - a photo shoot with a newborn "model" and his parents. Covers safety, impulse lighting, and posing flow of the newborn baby, calming techniques, shooting angles, framing, parenting photos.

Duration between 6 and 8 hours.

The second module covers the processing of the photos taken during the photo shoot. Using PS and LR.

You will learn what my “tricks” are for natural, authentic, beautiful retouch, how, when and why to use them.

Duration between 6 and 8 hours.

The total cost of the two modules is 1200 BGN